Janet Garcia appears in a preciosa elegant red dress!

Janet Garcia appears in a preciosa elegant red dress!

Beautiful outgoing Weather girl Yanette Garcia He managed to steal thousands of sighs with a modern image where beauty is wasted to the extreme, because this time he decided whether to stand with clothes and leave his new page from Only fans.

As you remember, the Chica Fitness Recently, he appeared on the popular platform on which he hopes to separate aspects of his life.

Just one month after the form appeared on Onlyfans, users in the internet world reported leaks of their content.

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However, they assure that the material that has just appeared on networks and some platforms is no different from what can be seen from the Weather Girl on her Instagram account.

However, regardless of that, Yant yesterday shared a completely different picture from what she was used to, delighting her followers by wearing an elegant red dress and putting her pretty face to the fore.

It’s never too late for a fresh start in your life, “the host wrote in the post.

This shot was shared 20 hours ago and it looks like it didn’t have as much effect as those pictures with a lot of skin, because so far it has more than 87,000 likes.

On the other hand, Yanet in an interview clearly indicated that the material she will post on the private platform will not be of p0rnográf1c9 nature, as some of her fans have predicted.

In his version, he explained that he only seeks to separate aspects of life, one in terms of s3xy and the other of his material for a healthy life and as a businesswoman.

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However, even though he made this release public, some fans were totally annoyed when they saw the similarity of the content on their social networks to that of Onlyfans.

How not to be happy and grateful, if you deceive the audience and the pictures you upload are of the same nature as the pictures you carry here. Nothing recommended. One of his followers wrote on Instagram.

It is worth noting that the leaks, on the other hand, are sessions that she usually shares, and despite her presence on social media, the actress asks her fans for all support to enter her own account, where in this way she can do so. Better content quality.

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While in the meantime, reviews of their content can be found on Onlyfans online, the description of their account is what I expected.

In fact, it describes user reviews from other countries Effect As “the sexiest girl in the weather” and many people are advised to pay their bill if they are a loyal fan, others limit themselves to saying that they will find “more of the same”.

After she was told in an interview why she continued to advance in creating her own content, Yanette commented that there was a lot of persistence, both from fans and agencies, who searched for her to even open her OnlyFans, after much her insistence she accepted, and above all, she discussed That is with her current partner.

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In the last year, a lot of people have come to talk about the platform, even the agencies, and there has been a lot of persistence from all over the world, and I talked about it with my friend. I said: Look, there is this stage, how do you see it? Well let’s even talk to the owner, Tim Stokely. We talked to him and raised our doubts with him. “

This is how he explained how the app has changed in the last year, it is a giant platform, there are more actresses, singers and chefs so it is a place that has definitely grown.

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