Jasmine Camacho Quinn flew low on the Carolina circuit

Jasmine Camacho Quinn flew low on the Carolina circuit

Carolina. Jasmine Camacho Quinn fell within hundreds of seconds of setting a national record in the 200-meter dash. The Olympic gold medalist completed the test in 22.27 seconds, down from the 22.23 set by Carol Rodriguez in 2006.

Camacho Quinn’s participation occurred during the Clasico Primavera at Basilio Rodriguez’s Carolina track.

“I was excited and excited to put on a show,” the athlete said after the race. “A bit nervous, but I always have that before the race. I think that’s the pressure, I don’t want to lose and it helps me motivate myself.”

For the specialist in the 100-meter hurdles from Puerto Rico, the meeting point was with Dominican Marielde Paulino, whose main races were the 400-meter hurdles and took the silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the event.

Paulino clocked 22.70 seconds and in third place Gabi Scott crossed the finish line in 23.19 seconds.

“I’m fine with my time. I opened the season. If I had to run another 200 metres, I think I could have gone faster.”

In fact, Camacho Quinn has stated that breaking the national record is within her reach.

“A time of 22.27 is fast considering I’m known for a 100m dash. I feel like I could be faster; if I had the chance, I definitely want to do a 21.”

Camacho Quinn was registered in the 4x400m relay race on Saturday.

“I will do my best with the members of the national team,” she concluded.

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