Why do some people have curly hair?

Why do some people have curly hair?

Have you noticed that some brothers have Curly hair And another straight? There is a reason behind that.

It is that each member of the family It has its own similarities and differences with respect to the rest, but one of the most curious is Poetry.

Then we will solve the question of why there are some Curly hair And another straight?

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Why do we have curly or smooth hair?

The simple answer is to say that genes are responsible for the type of hair we have.

But as mentioned, even between siblings there are usually differences between hair type.

Here it is important to note that genes not only determine our hair type, but also our physiological aspects.

Regarding our genetic factor, hair type is determined by a gene known as TCHH.

TCHH gene is responsible for generating Trichohyalin proteinWhich determines the shape of the hair root.

But HSCT is not the only reason behind Curly hair.

The importance of keratin

According to research published in Journal of Experimental Biology In 2018, there is a reason to have curly hair.

It includes the hair cells that make up and directly form hair.

When these cells appear more on the outer edge of the hair follicle and less on the inside, they are responsible for the formation of curves in the hair.

Now, the amount of keratin, the protein that gives resistance to our hair, also affects the amount of keratin in our hair.

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The way keratin attaches to our hair greatly affects its shape.

In addition, curly hair is associated with the presence of keratin more, although this is not the case in all cases.

Does curly hair protect us from the cold?

According to the same study Journal of Experimental Biology, The reason behind the changes in the hair cells that make up curly hair is pure protection.

According to one theory, curly hair would be a protection for mammals to keep warm.

“The typical fur structure of mammals is dense thickets. Curly hair captures air,” according to what can be read in the study.

Of course, none of the theories have been reliably verified.

What we do know without a doubt is that in Caucasians curly hair is a dominant trait, while smooth hair is recessive.

By the way, recent research suggests that curly hair is a model for our ancestors, and smooth hair is a feature of human evolution, and it has many advantages.

But we’ll talk about that again.

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