Real Madrid is looking for the base it needs in Betis basketball

Real Madrid is looking for the base it needs in Betis basketball

The Real Madrid The basketball team won its first title of the season a few weeks ago in Seville, winning the Super Cup, which they had to win to face Real Betis Balonesto, in a match in which Verdblancos showed their faces and did not make it easy for the team. Capital team. Real Madrid must have got such a good impression from that match that they now seem to have insisted on signing a Betis player to solve one of their biggest problems.

These are from Chos Mathew They have a problem with basic posture. Sergio RodriguezOne of the summer’s signatures is a 36-year-old who has a hard time putting together consecutive minutes of good basketball, especially if he’s facing very physical guards, something that gets lost as he gets older. Matteo also has Sergio Llull for the job, with problems similar to those of “chacho”, but also considering that he is not a pure goalkeeper. The other two goalkeepers in the squad are Nigel Williams Goss, who is awaiting recovery from the injury he suffered in the fourth final last May, and Carlos Allusin, who is also injured for the rest of the year and could be out on loan when he recovers. Given this scenario and with refusal Facundo Campazzo To sign the eggs, Florentino Perez can take out his checkbook to sign Shannon Evansas preceded byDip to the edge“.

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