Jeff Bezos flies into space in the first manned launch of Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos flies into space in the first manned launch of Blue Origin

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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, and the world’s richest man, will fly alongside his award-winning brother Auction announced in May The first manned launch of the New Shepard missile on July 20.

Bezos explained in his book Instagram profile He has dreamed of space travel “since he was five years old”. Now he’s ready to “go on that adventure with his best friend,” his brother, firefighter Mark Bezos.

The New Shepherd’s sub-orbital flight will take 10 minutes. The First Steps capsule seats four crew members, but it is not known if anyone other than Bezos and his brother is the winner of the Blue Origin auction. Auction is still open and top view Now it is $2.8 million.

The missile will take off until it exceeds the speed of sound. Within three minutes, the First Steps capsule will detach from the thruster and space tourists will be able to unfasten their seat belts to approach the windows and experience the sensation of weightlessness. Four minutes after takeoff, New Shepard will land vertically Without the capsule on a platform 3.2 km from the launch tower.

Once the capsule crosses the Karmann Line, the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, the capsule will reach its climax. After that it will begin to descend and the crew will feel the effect of gravity again. Nine minutes after takeoff, the parachutes will deploy and the capsule will reduce its speed to 26 km / h.

First steps of Capsula It will land in the West Texas desert at 1.6 km/h. Blue Origin employees will come to the area in off-road vehicles to The crew picked up after checking that everything was going well.

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