Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ready to walk down the aisle?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ready to walk down the aisle?

Visit Ben Affleck For the famous Tiffany jewelry in California last week, He sparked instant rumors of a possible wedding on the horizon With a Puerto Rican singer Jennifer Lopez. But getting to the altar doesn’t seem to be a priority for the couple at the moment. In fact, according to reports, the American actor came to the store for a cute and strange reason that had nothing to do with the Latin star.

Apparently, Affleck has been in the area with his daughters Violet, 15, and Seraphina, 12, on a fun and interesting treasure hunt, as they compete with their mom’s team! Chris Boldtwho was accompanied by the actor’s son, Samuel 9 years old, according to E! News.

A source confirmed to the show’s program, “They walked around the mall and in different stores, removing the items they found.”

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Photo © 2021 Backgrid / The Grosby Group PREMIUM Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The source confirmed that one of the pieces they had to locate was in the jewelry store.

“They had to find something in the store,” the source commented. Ben came with his son and his mother and soon they found what they needed and left. Ben was holding a pen and scribbling [el artículo] from your list.

As the world imagined the white-clad singer and actress again in the coming months, Affleck simply enjoyed spending afternoons with the family, doing a fun activity with his kids.

“They had a lot of fun and really focused on the game. It was a fun family activity and they seemed to be enjoying it together,” the source said.

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Photo © 2021 Backgrid / The Grosby Group PREMIUM Ben Affleck

According to the source, since the couple returned from their hot and romantic trip to the Mediterranean, they have focused on spending time with their children. Lopez was spotted out for a walk with her twin daughter We do not, While the actor enjoys time with his offspring before resuming his schedule.

Since their reunion in April, just weeks after the singer ended her engagement to the former player Alex Rodriguez, the couple never ceases to monopolize the titles, with various sources surely including Affleck and Lopez, Planning a future together.

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