Social leadership will meet to discuss health

Social leadership will meet to discuss health

Santo Domingo. The Alliance for the Right to Health (ADESA) will conduct an assessment of the health situation in the country and approve a strategic plan during its 4th General Assembly to be held on Saturday, August 28, with the participation of 140 leaders and social figures. 24 district leaders.

At the Assembly, a committee will be convened in which Dr. Nelson Rodriguez Monegro, former Director of the National Health Service will participate; Dr. Rosa Elcart, UNICEF Country Representative, and Dr. Liam Fonder, expert in sexual and reproductive health. They will analyze the health system and the alarming rates of maternal and neonatal mortality in the country.

“This social leadership meeting, which took place to talk about health, comes at a time when we have lost more than 4,000 people to Covid 19 and have witnessed a worsening health system crisis that requires major transformations,” ADESA explains in an information note.

The gathering will take place at the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National Library, located in the capital’s Plaza de la Cultura. In addition to delegates of ADESA-affiliated organizations, health bodies and unions, academic leaders and civil society organizations, as well as representatives of international organizations, are expected to participate.

Odessa will also approve a strategic plan for the next two years that prioritizes its demands for fundamental reforms to health and social security laws in order to focus on ensuring the constitutional right of the population to receive health services from the state. the quality. On the preventive and curative level.

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