Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck unleashed their love on the beaches of Malibu

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck unleashed their love on the beaches of Malibu

In love to the core! This reveals the new photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They look at each other and then kiss each other on the mouth in the middle of the restaurant, dazzling each other as if they were teenagers.

The place where the persecuted couple were caught unleashing their love, as if they were alone in the world, is the famous sushi restaurant Nobu, From its balcony you can enjoy a view of one of the most famous beaches in Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

Photos published in Page Six media have already spread around the world and delight Bennifer fans, and may even break the heart Alex Rodriguez, who returned with his ex-wife.

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That same week, Glo was spotted getting off a plane with her kids in Los Angeles, just back to be in the arms of her boyfriend Ben.

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Before the couple began their romantic weekend together at the mansion she owns in Bel Air, Ben Affleck was spotted with his “mother-in-law” Lupe Rodriguez, Jello’s mother, filming a video in Las Vegas. Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s mother had appeared in the actor’s latest project and director.

As they say, there has always been a tremendous affection between them and now life unites them again, thanks to the love that has been reborn in Jlo, s Ben Way Loop They have been seen enjoying each other’s company in the casinos after finishing work.

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