What happened to Patty Navidad on Top Chef VIP 3? Why isn't he seen more?

What happened to Patty Navidad on Top Chef VIP 3?  Why isn't he seen more?

On this Monday of liquidation in “Top Chef VIP 3”, The program broadcast by the Telemundo network, many have wondered what happened to Patty Navidad, the Mexican actress and singer, who has not appeared since last Friday on the program that challenges the cooking skills of a group of celebrities.

No advertisement was seen on the artist's social networks providing accurate information about her absence from the competition. However, the audience noticed that she was not making preparations in the amazing kitchen, which is why they were keen to know what happened to the artist.

They left some comments on his Instagram account asking him why he was not participating in the gastronomy competition.

“You weren't on the show, what happened?”, “Where are you?” Why don't you appear in the episodes?”, “What happened so that you don't appear on screen anymore?”, “I don't see her anymore”, “What's wrong with me not looking at Patty Navidad”? It's only for her that I watch Top Chef VIP 3''.are some of the comments they wrote on social networks to show their interest because it does not exist.

Although nothing is clear, the fan club following Patty Navidad's career offered a theory of what happened: “She will come back. Something came up, but she joined quickly.”

Has Patty Navidad left Top Chef VIP 3?

It is not clear why he was not on the show, but rumors increased after Mexican actor Mark Thatcher decided to leave the competition due to problems with the production company RCN Columbia.

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But despite this controversial fact, the experienced artist, who came in second place in “La Casa de los Famosos 3”, continues to share content related to “Top Chef VIP” on her social networks.

This indicates that he is still in the competition but due to some mishaps he was unable to surprise his preparations.

Cooking is one of Patty Navidad's biggest passions, which is why many in the audience were excited about her participation, because it is something she executes with great precision and talent.

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