Jennifer Lopez ends her relationship with Alex Rodriguez on the networks!

Jennifer Lopez ends her relationship with Alex Rodriguez on the networks!

It’s been four months since then Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez They ended their relationship, after several attempts to save their love after breaking off their engagement. Soon after, Jlo Embark on a new adventure with his great love from the pastAnd Ben Affleck, And while it’s often said that “the second parts weren’t good at all”, their relationship at the moment is only getting stronger. Today’s details confirm it!

The Bronx Diva Today, Saturday, August 14, he has captured almost all traces of his ex-girlfriend on the networks, removing his photos and…. Stop following him too! An amazing figure in a mini bikini with a Hollywood actor.

Both have just returned from their dream vacation in southern Europe, near where the former Belotero sailed in the waters of the Mediterranean on a luxury yacht. Accompanied by the stunning blonde Melanie Collins.

JB Lacroix/WireImage; Jimmy McCarthy / Movie Magic Melanie Collins and Alex Rodriguez

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“You need honesty, trust and humility”, Alex Rodriguez recently said about love. Meanwhile, Jlo connects with Ben Affleck, happy and upbeat, walking in love with LA and sharing her life with their children.

“Once you feel good and you come to the conclusion that this is not good for me or that this is not good and you know you need to make a change, not for others but for yourself, the pieces start to fall off.” Glo explained in a recent interview when discussing the words of his last song, change move, which garnered more than 20 million views, as it boasted today in its networks.

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IG Jlo Jennifer Lopez

The success of his song with Raw Alejandro It once again shows that Jennifer Lopez continues to triumph in whatever she plans to do, no matter what happens in her life. Congratulations on this new success!

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