Jennifer Lopez rocked the net with an amazing photoshoot

Jennifer Lopez rocked the net with an amazing photoshoot

Jennifer Lopez She is one of the most popular celebrities who interact with her fans via social networks. I started 2022 more united than ever and had conversations with all of them. To make it more interesting, a week ago he suggested a challenge to change their lives for the better: “Why don’t you tell me in the comments what your intentions are for this year? What do you want to achieve? Who are you? You want to be? What do you want to become? What are your goals? Maybe we can achieve them.” Together.” The post received hundreds of thousands of responses that made the Bronx idea a success.

Recently, JLo, once again managed to divide opinions but this time he asked his followers Instagram I give you their opinion in two possible forms and the answer is surprising to say the least. Thus, I leave aside her vast team of experts who are into every detail of her stylistic ways and leave the work of advising her in the hands of her 192 million fans.

Jennifer Lopez posing. Source: Instagram: Jennifer Lopez

The two different from Jennifer They were black leather and a white skirt with a gathered waist, making her well-kept physique and a winning option up front. However, the second alternative takes the lead. And it’s hard to resist a jacket with reinforced shoulders and the same texture as the top you’re wearing underneath—the details that set one look apart.

Battle of opinions in publishing Lopez big. There are those who prefer marking the abdomen like the manicurist (Tom Bachek) and there are also those who highlight the roll that the coat gives her; Finally, there are those who see the artist prefer everything she wears like her trainer Tracy Anderson, one of the experts she works hard with to get that amazing body that inspires so many women.

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Jennifer Lopez posing. Source: Instagram: Jennifer Lopez

Without a judgment set, the only thing known is that the publication Jennifer Lopez It’s been a hit with over a million comments and thousands of messages flattering her and letting her know that everything is a beautiful sight.

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