Xperi, science and art from home

Xperi, science and art from home

In order to make science and the arts accessible to the children of Potosi, in accordance with the policy of the state government, headed by Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, the Labyrinth Museum of Art in San Luis Potosi presents the digital project Xperi, implemented with the support of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET).

This platform aims for science and arts learning to be an integrated experience, engaging not only memory or intelligence, but also curiosity, emotions, and use of the senses.

To achieve this, through a webpage and channel on YouTube, dozens of short videos will be presented, with workshop methodologies and interactive activities.

Se trata de un proyecto incluyente, que acerca la ciencia y el arte a una gran cantidad de los sectors de la población local e internacional, pues las actividades que incluye pueden realizarse con materiales de muy bajo de los sectores de la población local e internacional, pues las actividades que incluye pueden realizarse con materials de muy bajo costo en pu a house. This interest coincides with the commitment of the state’s governor, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, to bring culture and education closer to all members of the entity.

Xperi is a platform that mainly targets basic education students, teachers, moms and dads. Although it also benefits informal educators, workshop leaders, and residents interested in the topics covered, including physics, chemistry, health, art, biology, and environmental education.

Other groups and institutions with expertise in scientific and technical education also participate in the project through workshops presenting their own activities within the platform. These include the Labgeek Famous Scientists Group, the UASLP Environmental Agenda, the El gato de Schrödinger theater group, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Center for Agroecology and Research Services Development, and the Nikola Tesla Science Club.

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To enjoy these contents, the public is invited to consult the website: https://www.xperi.com.mx/ YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/xperi_canal Facebook: https://bit.ly/ xperi_fb Instagram: @xperi .oficial

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