Jennifer Lopez shows her charm to the audience by stretching

Jennifer Lopez shows her charm to the audience by stretching

It looks like a file singer Jennifer Lopez It’s full of surprises, despite the fact that there’s one obvious thing to do, any action you take will always be cause for emotion, so when you see it in preparation before giving one Amazing concerts Especially when stretching out and showing everything to his fans.

The thing that has always distinguishedPunks Diva“Is that her presentations are always worthy of admiration, not only because of watching her dance and sing, which by the way does so as an expert after 35 years in the business.

Although the Jennifer Lopez She began her career as an actress, shortly after deciding to also venture into the world of music and continues to this day not only singing but acting as well.

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Fortunately, she’s found the perfect balance between acting and releasing her standard material, so that everything seems to fit right in because she’s about to release a new movie where she’s exactly the hero and a couple of weeks ago she released a new single. .

In this video shared by his followers, he looks like he’s getting ready a bit before starting his new concert, and he’s stretching his legs, arms and even his neck a bit.

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There is definitely something not just flirtatious big success She does but other artists like her have also applied it, it’s a deep breath to calm the nerves and put the panic aside.

It would be great to know so far JLo She still gets nervous before going on stage, though this is also understandable despite the fact that it’s something she’s been doing for over 30 years.

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The video was posted on October 19, 2020, and the artist, actress, and businesswoman wore a delicate white dress with loose and open seams that are definitely part of the outfit, and it has been linked with the snaps and also sleeveless.

in the place where there is a translator”I am real“There were quite a few fans behind some of the guardrails, who saw her excited when she got ready, especially when she bent down and left a little of her charm for later.

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As shoes, he chose high platform shoes and his hair was as always loose and of sufficient size, and it seemed that his entry would be on a stretcher, but in the style of a pharaoh, especially since the dancers used a style similar to hers and were also preparing to carry her.

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