‘Superman Lopez latest news: Retirement from Spain tour

‘Superman Lopez latest news: Retirement from Spain tour

After today’s stage misfortune, in Miguel Angel Lopez Withdrew from Return to Spain, Several versions of what happened have come to light, and in turn, messages of support and criticism for the Pesca-born sprinter, which is not long in coming; This time, it was Fabio BarraWho decided to use his social networks to show his position on what happened.

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With the phrase: “The facts are not clear”, The Third on the Tour de France in 1988 and second on the Spanish tour the following year, Showed his support ‘Superman’, Insists he is in his place for losing the stage after physical exertion and cycling for the best performance he has ever made.

In turn, Para stated: “You are a great champion, other races and more wins will come to you, cheer!”, Sealed his support for Lopez’s performance during the tournament and especially today. For its part, it is still waiting Official Statements by Miguel Angel Lopez And his team, the Movistar team in this regard.

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After the Colombian sprinter, the unexpected situation and it will be remembered a lot. Lost more than four minutes in the general classification, Which means losing the stage in the final stage of the competition; Beyond the support created by his teammates, Poison refused to continue trampling.

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