Jesus Lozardo Auckland Athletics Film News Major League 2021 in Spanish

Jesus Lozardo Auckland Athletics Film News Major League 2021 in Spanish

The jar Venezuelan Jesus Lozardo He allowed only two strikes and marched six strikes in 5 1/3 innings for Athlete from Auckland They swept the Minnesota Twins and won their 10th consecutive match in the 2021 season of MLBOnly half of his streak he remembers from 20 straight wins was staged in Movie Moneyball.

If there is a movie and a word associated with Athlete from Auckland On MLB it’s a Moneyball And current Such as The hottest team in the major leagues in the 2021 campaign reminds us of that team, since vShrugging off the action after Monday’s match was postponed, they continued their dominance streak by sweeping the double head against the twins with a pair of closures.

The jewel thrown by Sean Manaea in a 7–0 victory in Match 1 was followed by a powerful outing Jesus Lozardo In a 1–0 victory in Match 2, it was only the third time in history Auckland that Athlete They faced a non-running opponent in both matches from a double header and for the first time since September 9, 1974, when Vida Blue and Catfish Hunter met to empty the Kansas City Royals with two closures.

During this 10-game winning streak period, the starting shooters won the Athlete from Auckland They stellar 7-0 at 2.09 ERA in 56 matches.

“I would say we’re excited to see each other. I see all these guys in great shape and we just said,“ Iron sharpens iron. ”When they do a good job, you don’t want to be a weak link. You have to go out and do whatever you want. We all feel the same thing. And we have a lot of fun doing this, “he said. Jesus Lozardo.

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Jesus Lozardo He hadn’t yet reached the ace level he had expected Athlete from Auckland. The 23-year-old Southbaugh suffers from the inconsistencies that most young shooters face with his caliber early in his career. But outings like his one on Tuesday night are what keeps Oakland confident Losardo can be on the line for a breakthrough this season.

Lozardo He did a quick job with the twins, allowing only two strokes and six strokes to walk in 5 1/3 turns. His electric arm was fully on display, with his last stadium a fast 96.7 mph ball passed by Ryan Jeffers for the third blow.

Many things were different in me Jesus Lozardo Tuesday, and not just his share. After the shortest start in his career in which he allowed five runs in 2 and 3 innings against a D-back last week, Luzardo decided to turn things around. He removed his contact lenses and went back on his glasses on the hill, which he did for all his looks prior to this season, and he dates back to his high school days. He also changed his lead single to “WOW” by Bryant Myers, the song he used in 2020 before modifying a few different tunes earlier in the season.

“I felt like I was running away from myself. That look is just my things.” “Now, I am back to myself,” he said. Jesus Lozardo.

Line Jesus Lozardo It can be beauty when it works for you. After feeling good control against the twins, he made use of it to the limit, throwing it on 60 percent of his pitches and dying nine puffs, which is the most he has in any of his stadiums.

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Dazzling rectum Jesus Lozardo, Which peaked at 99.1 mph (miles per hour), is just one part of the equation that makes Losardo so special. It has another quality that cannot be taught: flexibility. Lozardo’s bounce off a tough outing last week was not the first time he demonstrated this trait. Two of his four blank matches last season also came after tough starts in which he allowed four and six games.

“He is really talented and he is very confident. He has had to go through some difficult sections. But it looks like when he has a tough game, he comes back and responds,” said a manager. Athlete from AucklandBob Melvin.

Jesus Lozardo He even defended himself from some external adversity. During the fifth game with one runner, the referees told Luzardo and his teammates to leave the field after a light tower on the top floor of the Colosseum came out, similar to the problem that occurred on May 7, 2019, when the lights went out before Mike Viers throws the decision not to strike later that night .

Keep your arm warm by throwing 12 shots into the barn, Jesus Lozardo He overcame a 25-minute delay and retired three of the last four strikes, two through strokes.

“It was weird for sure. It hadn’t happened to me before. I heard it happened in 2019 and the Virus speaks the word“ no harmful ”, so that was the joke. I’m glad we got into the game,” he concluded Jesus Lozardo.

With part of the info and photo from Martín Gallegos MLB.With.

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