Joe Biden reverses Donald Trump’s order to ban dictatorship and vexation in the United States

Joe Biden reverses Donald Trump’s order to ban dictatorship and vexation in the United States
Icons of WeChat and TikTok applications with the United States flag background, in an example photo (REUTERS / Florence Lo / Illustration / File)

President of the United States, Joe Biden on Wednesday withdrew executive orders seeking to ban popular social networks such as Dictok and Wechat, which were put forward by his predecessor Donald Trump. (2017-2021), urged to open an inquiry to identify instead Security risks are linked to China.

Orders a new executive order Department of Commerce To implement a “Evidence-based” analysis Transactions involving applications manufactured, delivered or controlled by China. Especially the authorities Concerns about applications that collect personal data from users or have links to Chinese military or intelligence operations.

The department will do the same Recommendations on how to protect Americans’ genetic and health information Senior federal officials say this will address the risks of some software applications linked to the Chinese or other adversaries.

Some countries, including China, are seeking to use digital technologies and American data that pose unacceptable national security risks

Specific, U.S. government “targets those applications owned, controlled or managed by people who support a foreign military enemy Or intelligence activities, engaging in malicious cyber activities, or storing sensitive personal data ”.

“Some countries, including China seeks to use digital technologies and American data that pose unacceptable national security risksAt the same time, they serve the interests of the dictatorship and the dictatorship, ”the White House said.

These actions are reflected Concerns that Americans’ personal data could be exposed by popular applications linked to China, America’s main economic and political rival. Both the White House and Congress have taken steps to address Beijing’s technological advancement.

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Trump has demanded that the company that owns Dictok, a Chinese bite dance, sell its business in the country For American companies. But with the acquisition of the United States, it would have done Oracle Y Walmart Played a significant role in that use, and it was minimal. Trump’s plan is aimed at banning use in the United States unless he accepts a greater degree of U.S. control.

Trump went against Dictok in the summer of 2020 over issues related to the use of data by American users. The application is being sought in US courts to reconsider Trump’s exemption order and the government’s national security review. Trump’s order, August 2020, They are currently blocked by a judicial decision.

The end of Biden It’s the same day you started your first international tour since arriving at the White House, Which will take you to the UK G7 Summit, meetings with your European allies in Brussels and your first meeting with your Russian representative, Vladimir Putin.

Shortly before boarding the plane, the President promised that the purpose of his trip to Europe “Strengthen the Alliance” Y “Clarify to Russia and China,” America and Europe are one. “

(With information from AP and EFE)

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