Jorge Fernandez: “Health is the most important and most important thing: if you have health, you have a life”

Jorge Fernandez: “Health is the most important and most important thing: if you have health, you have a life”
The Arona Gran hosts a talk by Jorge Fernandez during Fit Weekend

They say health is the most important thing in life. For this reason, physicians, health professionals, sports professionals and some entities are constantly making calls for residents to eat better, rest for longer hours and exercise regularly. In short, changing your lifestyle with the aim of avoiding certain diseases. This is the case for the Arona Gran Hotel, which will run out this weekend, from today until Sunday Fit for the weekend For a small group of people. A wellness and health conference offering talks on nutrition, as well as functional training and yoga sessions by professionals related to a healthy lifestyle.
One of the speakers at these seminars will be well-known TV presenter, La Rolita de la Fortuna, and a Sports Science graduate, Jorge Fernandez. talking Give your life another life, on the roof! From the hotel itself.
-What will the conversation consist of?
“As the title of the talk says, In giving another life to your life. We only have one life, but there are those who think they have much, because they do not care about themselves much. In my case, I have already given it enough importance, but sometimes you realize that even this is not worth All the fuss.With two complicated illnesses to treat; mercury poisoning and Lyme disease caused by a tick bite, and can be fatal, you realize you have to live a better life than you used to and think it’s a good thing. After several years of visiting doctors, I had to To the study and with my symptoms, I had to redirect my way toward a particular medication because sometimes the traditional medication doesn’t make it. I’ve researched and learned a lot in the past five years and can talk about my experience, which can be helpful to many others.”
– What do you think are the pillars of well-being and health?
“A good diet, physical activity and rest, which is most overlooked, because everyone is very busy. And in those eight or nine hours that we should sleep, the processes of cell renewal and hormone restructuring take place. On the other hand, we must take into account Managing stress, which must be kept under control, because it affects our hormones.And toxins that we accumulate throughout our lives, which also lead to an imbalance in our hormones and cause the emergence of many diseases.
-What are we doing wrong?
We know more and more about health, but we live in a garbage dump. I mean, our bodies can’t detoxify everything we eat, breathe, drink, and what we apply topically. In a small amount it does not affect us, but it accumulates and eventually takes its toll. Not out of intimidation, but the reality is what it is, that is. That’s why I want to convey that this exists and that it has happened to me.”
Do you advise people, with or without diseases, to attend these conferences?
“Absolutely. I’ve had an experience where I didn’t stop investigating until I found what I went through. I’d like people with certain symptoms, and not fully treated, to see a window into my experience. Maybe I can help you find a way. I’m not a doctor or a dietitian.” But I can tell you about my experience and encourage you to look for a reason for how you feel, because it tends to cover up a lot. I don’t want to be told I have chronic fatigue, because I already knew it. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I want to know why I own it and it does not remain on a deaf ear.”
– Do you then think that in the end the only thing we have and the most important thing is health?
“Exactly. What do you do without health? That is. It doesn’t matter which car, house or your family. Health is the most important and most important thing. If you have health, you have life. Health is having enough energy in my body when it is required. And there are people who do not even have the energy To do the basics on a daily basis. In the talk I will contribute my experience, without the intention that anyone will do what I did, because I am not a doctor, but with the intention that everyone take what is positive to improve it and get more health.”
* Those interested in attending the conference can make reservations at special rates for residents on the Spring Hotels website.

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