Jose Williams described the confiscation of video tapes at the government palace as “unfortunate”

Jose Williams described the confiscation of video tapes at the government palace as “unfortunate”

Congress President Joseph Williamsdescribed as “unfortunate” the capture of images from surveillance cameras in Government Palace carried out by the special team of prosecutors against corruption in power, as part of the open investigation against Yénifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president Peter’s Castle.

In statements to the press, he considered that this situation, which gives a “bad image”, was initiated by President Pedro Castillo himself, and that the Public Prosecution Office was acting “in accordance with the law.”

“This is unfortunate, that Public Prosecution You have reached such extremes, and this is clearly appalling.”

Joseph Williams He expressed that the executive authority should provide facilities for the attorney general’s office to “perform its duty”. “It is unfortunate and unfortunate that this situation exists,” he said.

The defense of Pedro Castillo announces his appeal

Bungee SpinosaPresident’s attorney Peter’s Castleannounced that it will present in the coming days a appeal against court order That the special team from the Public Prosecution and the police committed to search and seize the videos of security cameras From Government palace.

The Attorney Make it clear that they will submit a file Resources Within ten working days, after the procedure for confiscating security cameras ends on August 8, 9 and 10, which will allow determining whether the Yénifer Paredesthe president’s sister-in-law, was in The seat of the executive authority The day was arranged Initial arrest.

In statements to the media, the president’s legal defender confirmed that only two of the court’s three judges Second Criminal Court of Appeal Approval of the request of the prosecution team, for which they described the ijtihad, which began yesterday at six o’clock in the evening, Saturday at ten o’clock in the morning, as “irregular” and ended.

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