JPL: Yariel and Riddle will ease, while Graciel points to the fourth bat

JPL: Yariel and Riddle will ease, while Graciel points to the fourth bat

Euryspil Gracial. Photo:

Chunichi Dragons’ Cuban pitcher, Yariel Rodríguez, can be turned into a savior this seasonAs revealed by the program on Saturday Dora Hot Plus Tokai TV Japanese channel.

According to team manager Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, everything will depend on the progress of rookie player Hiroto Takahashi. If he can earn a place in the starting spin, then the West Indian can be transferred to the Bullpen.

Team coach Eiji Uchiai revealed the idea on a radio show last month, but said it was just an idea and there was no official decision on it. However, the final words from Director Tatsunami seem to confirm that the plan is on the right track.

Ochiai made it clear Rodriguez’s nine strike rate last year (8.90) is a good indication of the success he can have in the bulls game.This is the reason for considering moving it.

Gracial refers to the fourth round of Softbank

Cuban Yurisbel Gracial is emerging as SoftBank Falcons’ fourth starting bat of the season, new team manager Hiroshi Fujimoto recently commented on the newspaper’s digital edition. Tokyo Sport.

The Matanzas player has shown good physical fitness and has been in contact with the ball so far in club trainingwhich is why the strategist is confident that he will be able to play the hard hitter well in the squad.

His idea is to protect western India with left-handed hitters. He would beat Yuki Yanagita for third, followed by Ryoya Kurihara for fifth. “It would be ideal to be able to maintain this formula all year long,” he explained.

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Gracial was only able to play 37 games last year due to a broken right index finger on his right hand, which is why he wants to perform in full this season. He performed at the highest level in order to thank the team for the trust they place in him.

Raidel also works at Bullpen

Cuban Ridel Martinez worked out on Saturday at the Chunichi Dragons Arena in Yomitan, Okinawa, and showed more physical condition than he showed midweek, the newspaper reported today. Chunichi Sports.

“I think next week I will be 100% in my condition. By that time, the training in the spring will be over and I can start playing in the pre-season matches, ”he explained after training.

The 25-year-old right-back will make a comeback this season as the club approaches He will be looking to surpass his career high of 23 saves in 2021.

The team’s shooting coach, Daisuke Yamay, has confirmed the good development of West India so far. “Settings are going well. I won’t rush him into his work, I’ll talk to him and between the two of us we’ll decide a plan for the future.”

(taken from Japanese baseball)

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