Juan Quette condemns arrest of Nicaraguan opposition leader Christiana Zamoro

Juan Quette condemns arrest of Nicaraguan opposition leader Christiana Zamoro
File photo of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Gaida. EFE / Archive

Venezuela’s interim leader Juan Guida condemns harassment by Nicaraguan authorities against Christiana Chamorro, Leader of the Opposition dThis Wednesday took place during the reign of Daniel Ortega, e He urged the free world to “act”.

“Christiana Zamoro in Nicaragua today is being persecuted by presidential candidate Ortega, which will take place in Cuba, Belarus or Venezuela.”The Venezuelan opposition leader said. “The punishment meted out to dictatorial regimes encourages them”, He rebuked.

Nicaraguan resistance Christian Zamoro, The main contender for President Daniel Ortega’s candidacy, He was under house arrest this Wednesday, Following allegations of government money laundering that provoked international condemnation.

Managua Court a Search warrant Y Detention Against him, after the charge of crimes “The ideological lie of real competition with the crime of mismanagement, fraud of money, property and possessions is detrimental to the state of Nicaragua and Nicaraguan society.”

The opposition has denied those allegations, which It is considered a “fraud” to prevent them from participating in elections. Nicaraguan law prevents those with open criminal activities from applying to the public office.

Nicaragua Christiana Zamoro's presidential candidate.  EFE / George Torres / Archive
Nicaragua Christiana Zamoro’s presidential candidate. EFE / George Torres / Archive

Vice President and First Lady, Rosario Murillo, Without mentioning the process against Zamoro, he said “This Government’s Option to Get Out of Poverty” so what “Rich people, it can’t go back” to run the country.

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Chamorro, 67 years old, He publicly stated his intention to represent the opposition as the sole candidate for the November 7 election. Recent polls suggest he is the second most popular candidate after Ortega.

The current ruler, in power since 2007, You have not yet confirmed your participation in this election. But his opponents believe he will try for the fourth time in a row.

With the dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega (ra), and vice president Rosario Murillo (i).  EFE / George Torres / Archive
With the dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega (ra), and vice president Rosario Murillo (i). EFE / George Torres / Archive

Presented by Violeta Barrios Chamorro, Christiana’s mother, defeated Ortega in 1990 after her first government (1985-1990) was awaiting re – election.

Attack on democracy

General Secretariat Organization of American States (OAS) on Wednesday rejected Zamoro’s “political disqualification,” it described “Attack on Democracy” And warned that Nicaragua is going “Worst possible choices.”

“Such actions undermine all political credibility for the government and the organizers of the electoral process,” he added.

Spanish MEP Jose Ramon Posa Qualified as an attacker “Too serious for democracy” I urge Joseph Borel, the EU Representative for Action against Zamorin and Foreign Affairs, to impose immediate sanctions on the Ordega government.

“The arbitrary banning of opposition leader Christiana Chamorro reflects that Ortega’s fear of free and fair elections. Nicaraguans deserve a real democracy, ”the head of US diplomacy said on Twitter. Anthony Blink.

The opposition, known as the National Coalition (CN), was accused in a statement Ortega said he would “unleash the hunt” against candidates because “he is afraid to go for a free, transparent and observed process.”

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