Julio Cesar Chavez is proud to visit Canelo Alvarez. “Hero and Friend”

Julio Cesar Chavez is proud to visit Canelo Alvarez.  “Hero and Friend”

Mexico City /

After spending a few weeks in the eye of the hurricane due to the controversial statements of his legendary eldest son Julio Cesar Chavez Take some time to relax with the company Saul Canelo Alvarez.

“taste Greetings my dear friend and hero cinnamon! Thanking you for your attention as usual,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Chavez Gonzalez.

Despite the comparisons over who is the best Mexican boxing advocate, Julio Cesar Chavez s Saul Alvarez They have struck up a friendship in recent years, since Canelo accompanied him to his last show job.

Forget the differences

A few days ago, they chanted some phrases that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.. scolds his father for ‘the complexfrom their relationship.

“Go and conclude What did you live with my father?I have tried many things. It’s hard to bear my parents. He was a great athlete and that’s it, because maybe if they knew him, they would take away their love for him.”

It is worth remembering that the relationship Julio Cesar Chavez With his son is not the best, because he was involved in an alleged controversy Transfer arms And his friendship with Ovid Guzman, heir to the capo Joaquin Chapo Guzman.

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