Junior vs Bolivar, second leg of Copa Libertadores Stage 3

Junior vs Bolivar, second leg of Copa Libertadores Stage 3

He suffered more than what the sign says. The game wasn’t really easy and unbalanced as you might think. 3-0. Junior had more than a low fat sweat and panic to be able to beat Bolívar the fighter, last night in Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium, And advance to the group stage in the Copa Libertadores, where they will be measured River Plate (Argentina), Fluminense (Brazil) And Santa Fe (Colombia).

The Caribbean team will have to improve a lot if it wants to have a good chance in the next stage of the international tournament.

Bolivar wrote the ball in his own name W. Made for long periods of time for the home team, But it lacks the “punch” to strike at Barranquilla.

Miguel Borga, John Bagoy and Freddie Hinestroza were meticulous and scored a precious victory.

Junior didn’t have the ball. Bolivar, with only three defenders in the background, boldly stepped out and put pressure on the Rojiblancos.

Although those led Louis Amaranth Beria They did not experience much fear in the entire first stage, the Celestials disturbed the local game and took possession of the ball

Teófilo Gutiérrez and Fabián Sambueza were not both imprecise, and there was no coherence and clarity. However, Sharks managed to gain an advantage From the 11th minute thanks to Miguel Borga who looked awake and hungry to score a goal.

Cordoba had previously warned the visitor when exploiting it A pass from Teo He took a low and cross shot, but deflected, was more effective when he hit Freddy Henestrosa’s header with a header 1-0.

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The Sabanero Cannon has completed his 10th goal this season and The number 30 with a Junior shirt.

There was no fluency in the host match, but the match was won and Vieira didn’t have much work to do. Bolivar looked only at the edge of the area, It cannot penetrate.

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