Miguel de Lucas presents his book TFM “Happiness with Science” at Isabel I University

Miguel de Lucas presents his book TFM “Happiness with Science” at Isabel I University

The lecture hall of the University of Isabel I will be the place where Miguel de Lucas, prankster, presenter and master’s student in scientific publishing, in the form of a webinar, will present a preview of his master’s thesis (TFM) live, on April 29 from 19:00 via YouTube channel The official affiliate of Isabel I. University.

The title he chose to present his Masters work is “Happiness in Science.” With this very own TFM presentation, directed by Marcos Terradillos and curated by Diego Arseredillo, Miguel de Lucas wants to present a new way to spread science through the use of new technologies, science and magic. With this proposal, he would apply the knowledge gained in the Master’s program in Scientific Publishing, a training he had acquired in recent months at Isabel I University, as one of the first-graders of this master’s, which began in September 2020.

“Happiness with Knowledge” is a conference that aims to shed light on a topic of public interest such as happiness. For 45 minutes and strictly straight from the lecture hall of Isabel I University, I will appreciate those related aspects that we can use to our advantage to try to be happy, study and share some Ideas that, from the point of view of philosophy, history and biochemistry are of vital importance, ”Miguel de Lucas highlights when defining his lecture.

This performance uses techniques from the realm of illusion as the main methodology, generating feelings of impossibility and using them to present certain concepts differently. The conference format supports audience interaction through direct participation in some magic effects and a final round of questions that will, as comments, reach YouTube users around the world, thanks to Universidad Isabel I.

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The path of Miguel de Lucas

Miguel de Lucas, in addition to being a student at Isabel I University, is a presenter, magician, communicator and lecturer, specializing in the company’s events. Since 2000 he has worked in national and international festivals in the world of magic, humor and communication. He is included in the list of the top 100 influential speakers in Spain, by the list compiled by the prestigious consulting firm Thinking Heads.

Currently presented by “Un País Mágico” by La2 de TVE, it is a program that travels across Spain to showcase landscapes, monuments, art and gastronomy through magic. He also presented “Contigo Pan y Magia” on regional TV in Castilla y León, where he presented recipes from local produce.

In his role as a writer, he published Hay un mago en ti for the publishing house Diëresis, based on the story of someone overcoming depression and imprinting the fact of going to a psychiatrist or psychiatrist.

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