Kanu: “We are a space that has an important asset”

Kanu: “We are a space that has an important asset”

The differences in criteria are evident and, in many cases, are those nuances that, over time, will remain a tale. Based on this definition, the national representative Jose Cano And he asserts that “together for change” “is an area, in Tucuman, that has an important balance” to face the upcoming electoral battles.

The parliamentarian said: “We have consolidated as the opposition and intend in the future to strengthen the space without closing the door to anyone.” In this direction, he said that radicalism, the civil coalition, and the civil coalition are developing intense activity for what is coming throughout the province’s territory. “The origin that I referred to is related to these valuable leaders who put their faces and bodies at every moment to consolidate space, as we do in different parts of the country,” he said.

Kanoo acknowledged that there may be internal disagreements, but that they will be corrected by dialogue. And behind it the opposition front several elections and it is our responsibility to reinforce them. That is why, we have emerging players like the case of mayors Mariano Campero, Roberto Sanchez and Sebastian Salazar, “he said. In his opinion, expanding or not expanding the front would be a strategy that should be taken at the national level. Campero, the mayor of Yerba Buena, for example, was having talks with The president of Fuerza Republicana, Ricardo Bossi, a situation that has sparked certain reactions within the UCR.

Returning to the disagreements with the government, Cano asserted that Governor Juan Manzoor was not critical of Mauricio Macri the whole time. “It’s just a matter of Googling Manzur-Macri to see how many times the president of Tucuman has thanked the ex-president of the nation for the efforts in favor of Tucuman,” he concluded.

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