“All health proposals are evaluated.”

“All health proposals are evaluated.”

Palma, 7 in. (Europe Press) –

“All health proposals are on the table to be evaluated,” Prime Minister Franchina Armengol confirmed, Thursday, to the possibility of Palma being isolated due to the epidemic.

At a press conference after the introduction of Mallorca’s new ground transportation service in Alcúdia, the President specified that on Monday it would be possible, after the Council of Government, to provide more details: “Experts are studying and evaluating the most effective possible measures. At the moment, it is not possible to proceed.” .

The leader of the Balearic government noted that the situation is “extremely complex” in both Mallorca and Ibiza, with new restrictions coming into effect on Thursday after passing Health Alert Level 3 “to try to stop the infection.”

Armengol insisted on the “individual responsibility of everyone” to cope with the soaring casualties on the islands. Currently, Mallorca has a cumulative incidence rate of 589 cases per 100,000 population.

He also noted that the consequences of Christmas had already been seen and that measures taken so far were “more effective” such as closing indoor bars and restaurants and terraces from 18:00 to be verified.

Regarding the epidemic situation in Alcdia, the commander realized that cases are “increasing”, and for this reason, he emphasized once again “how do things: always wear a mask, social distance of one and a half meters and wash hands.”

“New cases come to us from the crowds, from places where there is social relaxation such as bars and inside family homes,” he advanced, to conclude later: “It is necessary to comply well with prevention. If we all follow the measures, it will be possible to fight this disease.”

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