Kanye West slams Kim Kardashian: “He treated me like trash”

Kanye West slams Kim Kardashian: “He treated me like trash”

It was only recently known that Kanye West speaks contemptuous of his ex-wife and the mother of his children. After ten years of relationship, the artist said she was “grateful to have finished with her.”

Sources very close to Kanye had admitted to Star magazine that the rapper isn’t having his best moments since he “realized that Kim Kardashian’s obsession with fame ended up ruining him.”

The source assured the media that he “regretted staying with her as long as he did,” especially since she “treated him like garbage for many years.”

According to the source, the lifestyle of Kardashian and her family, as well as fame and money, were some of the reasons that led him to accept the separation, as he was tired and angry about his stay in the “funny” world. In which they lived as a couple, “always surrounded by drama.”

The source ended his conversation with Star Magazine by stating that the businessman and singer would not meet Kim again under any circumstances, that he had decided to separate from her and that he was now “grateful” for ending everything.


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