Kate del Castillo. This was his controversial reaction in the family video

Kate del Castillo.  This was his controversial reaction in the family video

Mexico City /

Kate del Castillo celebrate birthday With his family In Mexico City, despite the videotape that his sister recorded and shared, Veronica del Castillo, sparked controversy in social networks, since the protagonist ssouthern tool He seems to hate the camera.

At the beginning of the recording, the journalist notes that she will catch her cousins ​​on Christmas Eve: “We’ll dance, cousins“.

What are you doing? welcomeExterior Kate, waving her hand toward the cell phone, which some people interpreted as a way to cover the camera.

when? Say hello, it’s Christmas, don’t be killjoy‘ says his sister.

Veronica adds:I want to show my cousins ​​and nieces“.

Later, the journalist displays a necklace that Kate awarded: “Look how beautiful they gave himIn addition to his mother’s Christmas tree:Serpent Mother’s Tree.

It stands out that the reaction of the celebrity was natural for many Internet users, who supported her through dozens of comments, for example:

“Lovely! How lovely to look at your family on this special day,”She doesn’t want to post anything on social media because it’s always working camera He does his work and just wants to enjoy it alone“,” normal and Mutual ,new performance this too We all take it when there’s confidence and cheeks” and Well, the truth is that not all of us like others to upload family and special moments on networks“.


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