Keir Starmer is being investigated under the House Code of Conduct

Keir Starmer is being investigated under the House Code of Conduct

Sir Keir Starmer Under investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards for possible violations of the rules for earnings and gifts.

The Parliamentary website showed on Monday that Catherine Stone was looking into whether Labor Party leader Break two sections of the Code of Conduct of Representatives on the registration of interests.

Its investigation, which began on Wednesday, was looking at recording the benefits in the department’s employment and earnings.

The second issue considered was a possible violation of the section on gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources.

A Labor source told the Palestinian News Agency that the investigation was focusing on a number of slightly belated statements, with Sir Keir insisting he was confident he had not broken the rules.

During a visit to WakefieldHe told broadcasters that the allegations were not surprising, adding: “My office is dealing with them and will respond in due course.”

Asked if he was sure he had done nothing wrong, he said, “I’m pretty sure, there’s no problem here.”

The matters relate to a section of the Members of Parliament Act which states: “Members shall conscientiously fulfill the requirements of the House with respect to the recording of interests in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.

“They shall always be open and forthright in drawing attention to any relevant interest in any proceedings of the Council or its committees, and in any communications with ministers, members, public officials or holders of public office.”

The nature of the alleged violations is not yet clear.

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Employment and earnings rules state that MPs must record payments in excess of £100 they receive for working outside the House of Commons.

Under the section on gifts and hospitality, they must record benefits in excess of £300, or multiple benefits from the same source if they exceed this value in a calendar year.

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