Kevin Durant Explodes Against Pippen: They Followed Phil Jackson, Not You

Kevin Durant Explodes Against Pippen: They Followed Phil Jackson, Not You

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while the Brooklyn Networks Can’t reach the final Eastern Conference On the NBA, The performance of the Kevin Durant In match 7 against Milwaukee Bucks It was awesome. 48 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists.

However, these numbers do not seem to be enough Scottie Pippinwho strongly criticized KD For his decision on the last shot that cost his team the match and the series.

KDAs good as his play was, it turned out to be his worst enemy because he didn’t know how to play collegiate basketball. Have you ever seen lebron Make a screenshot like that? He will not take this shot. You will be smarter. LeBron had figured out how to beat them and wouldn’t be exhausted and probably didn’t take that last shot. lebron Not a Kuwaiti Dinar, and a Kuwaiti Dinar is not lebronLegend said bulls In an interview with GQ.

The above, referring to the last play of the game where Kevin He attempted an awkward shot off the field, which ultimately determined the outcome.

His words caused a stir in social networks and the press



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, which were divided into opposing and supportive opinions



This situation will not allow her to pass Durant, famous for controversy in Twitter And on Friday he hit back and headed to SP, confirming his secondary role in Legacy Chicago Bulls Next to Michael Jordan s Phil Jackson And that famous match where the final conference refused to enter the stadium on the decisive play.

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Wasn’t it great Scottie Pippen who turned down the game because of the last second shot because it hurt him that his coach had drawn the play to top scorer? That’s Scott, he wanted to enjoy his summer too, so he decided to rehab for the season, lol. You were Scotty following Phil, not you! “Publishing KD.

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