Kevin Durant not traveling with Brooklyn Nets, will miss many games due to contact tracing protocols

Kevin Durant not traveling with Brooklyn Nets, will miss many games due to contact tracing protocols

After a tantalizing night surrounding the Brooklyn Nets star status, Kevin Durant At Barclays, which included being excluded from the squad before the match and third quarter due to contact-tracing protocols, Durant will not play in Philadelphia on Saturday and may miss several matches for the second time in a month, sources have reported to ESPN.

Durant called a partner on Friday who tested positive for the coronavirus Friday night, just hours after an inconclusive test shortly before the Nets lost 123-117 to the Toronto Raptors.

This inspired a dramatic scene in the third quarter: A Nets official reports Durant that he had to leave the bank to isolate himself, prompting a franchise star to walk into Barclays’ bowels, as he likely tweeted, “Free Me” in the final minutes of the match.

The Nets notified the league office of incomplete individual testing Friday afternoon, and was eventually instructed to remove Durant from the pre-match warm-up. The general manager of Nets Sean Marks was on the phone with the league office and relayed the information to the group in court.

Moments later, Steve Nash and his coaching staff received word that Durant would not be available to start the match.

Durant left the field before the match, only to be cleared by the NBA to return to the bench shortly after the start of the first quarter.

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Durant was out of the game at first while reviewing the score. [de la prueba]”In accordance with the league’s health and safety protocols, we do not require the player to be subject to quarantine until a positive test result for close contacts is confirmed,” the league statement said.

Before Durant left court for the last time in the third quarter, he was sitting on the bench while officials were reviewing a play on which he made his fifth mistake of the night. The error was nullified, but Durant did not enter again.

When the required time was up, the team official told Durant that he would not be able to continue the game. Durant shook his head in apparent frustration. While returning through the tunnel, Durant threw his water bottle.

Durant, who played 19 minutes in the match, kept tweeting Friday evening after the match, Questioning schedule and league details.

Following the stars LeBron James s Giannis Antitecmonmo Mocking the League and NBPA plans for the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta on March 7, a feeling of rebellion emerged from the stars in the latter part of the week.

The net keeper said, “I don’t understand everything as he couldn’t play, then he came to the field and then they took him out.” James Harden. “A lot happens. A lot is happening. It’s overwhelming. We are in the middle of a tough game, and these games will increase, especially if we are talking about qualifying and playing in the qualifiers … Accelerating the pace is overwhelming. It’s frustrating.”

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“[Durant] Feel the same. Especially with those who have already had it and we get tested every day. It was negative [en las pruebas]. So, I don’t understand what the problem is. The match had to be postponed. If we are talking about contact tracing. He was close to all of us. So I don’t understand why he was not allowed to play, then allowed to play and then taken off the field. If that was the case, we had to postpone the match. “

Durant contracted the Coronavirus in March and still has those antibodies in early January when he missed three matches due to contact tracing. Sources said that after four weeks, Durant could miss a similar six-day period.

After Friday’s match, Nash said he struggled, at times, to split Durant’s absence during the match.

“I would probably have a little bit of a fog in thinking about what that means in the long term for our team,” said Nash. “We’ve already given a lot of players a lot of minutes and if Kevin doesn’t play, are we going to keep adding minutes for the remaining players? So I might be distracting a little bit from the bigger picture.”

The Nets play road matches on Saturday (Philadelphia) and Tuesday (Detroit) and return home on Wednesday (Indiana). The Nets will begin their trip to the West Coast next Saturday against the Golden State.

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