Kim Jong Un is banned from wearing tight pants in North Korea

Kim Jong Un is banned from wearing tight pants in North Korea

Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korean system led Kim Jong UnBanning the use of tight pants and Western-style haircuts.

The new ban was announced last week before The official newspaper of the North Korean government, Rodong SinmunThis was reported by some international media.

Kim Jong Un declared it illegal And it is not suitable for all of those cuts except for the fifteen which were established as “socialists” in their favor North Korea.

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The provisions prohibit the use of haircuts known as “mullet”, which are haircuts that are too short on the front and sides and too long at the back of the head.

According to the North Korean authorities, These government decisions were implemented to prevent the “capitalist invasion” of the Asian nation.

The North Korean leader is increasingly concerned that young people in his country want to adapt fashions Trends of the Western World.

Other actions

North Korean teenagers are also forbidden Paint your hair Or some of his advice. National Socialist Youth League, Which acts as the police force, monitors compliance with prohibitions.

Other provisions include use of Any kind of holes in parts of the bodyLike lips and nose, as well as wearing shirts or jackets of world-famous brands.

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