Kizuna no Allele Episode 10 Release Date, Spoiler & More ?

Kizuna no Allele Episode 10 Release Date, Spoiler & More ?

In the vast panorama of anime, a new show has emerged, captivating viewers with its unique premise and captivating narrative. The show, Kizuna no Allele, also known as Kizuna no Ariru, has brought a fresh breeze into the anime world. Blending elements of drama, action, and computer animation, this anime series has become a talking point among anime enthusiasts.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Episode : 9
  • Release Date : June 5, 2023
  • Language : Japanese
  • Genre : Music, Livestream, Clips, Skits
  • Where to Watch : Crunchyroll
  • Rating : 5.5/10 in IMDb

Popularity of the Show

Since its premiere, Kizuna no Allele has steadily gained a robust fan base. The series, focusing on the ambitions and adventures of young girls aspiring to become virtual artists, has resonated with audiences worldwide.

The show’s protagonist, Miracle, a student at the ADEN Academy, embodies the dreams of numerous young artists aspiring to leave their mark in the world of virtual artistry, making it relatable and inspirational for many viewers.

Kizuna no Allele Episode 10 Release Date

The next episode, the much-anticipated Episode 10, is set to air on June 5, 2023. With each new release, the excitement and eagerness of the fans seem to multiply, indicating the strong impression that the show has managed to create.

Kizuna no Allele Episode 10 Cast

The talent behind Kizuna no Allele is as dynamic as the characters they portray. The main cast includes Yuka Nukui as Noelle, Ayumi Hinohara as Miracle, AI Kizuna as Kizuna AI, Arisa Hanawa as Riz, Hikari Kodama as Chris, and Rina Kawaguchi as Quan. The stellar performances by the cast have significantly contributed to the series’s success.

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Kizuna no Allele Episode 10 Spoiler

While no official spoilers have been released yet, the upcoming episodes promise to continue the journey of these young virtual artists with fresh challenges and narrative twists. As they grow and learn together, the relationships between the characters are expected to deepen, adding layers to the plot.

What Happened in Previous Episodes?


Kizuna no Allele – Episode 9 discussion
by u/AutoLovepon in anime

The previous episodes took the viewers on an exciting journey following Miracle and her friends at the ADEN Academy. Their struggles, victories, and personal growth have kept the audience invested in the show. In the last episode, viewers witnessed Chris embarking on a journey of self-discovery. She left her comfort zone in her hometown, Miracle, to explore her true self, adding an intriguing twist to the narrative.

In the previous episode of Kizuna no Allele, we witnessed a significant turning point in the series. The episode primarily revolved around Chris, one of the core characters of the series and a young student at the ADEN Academy.

The episode began with Chris in her hometown, Miracle, seemingly content with her everyday life. However, the undercurrent of her desire to explore herself and her abilities was palpable. Chris was living a comfortable life, but she was curious about her true capabilities and potential that extended beyond her familiar surroundings.

Taking a leap of faith, Chris decided to embark on an adventure to find her true self. This decision wasn’t easy, as it involved leaving behind her friends and the comfort of her home. However, Chris was courageous and determined, and she believed that this self-discovery journey was essential for her personal growth.

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As she set off on this quest, Chris was excited and apprehensive. She was stepping into the unknown, ready to face new challenges and experiences. The storyline beautifully illustrated this blend of anticipation, excitement, and fear.

Simultaneously, the episode provided an insight into Chris’s relationships with her friends. Their bond, built over shared dreams and experiences, was heartwarming. When Chris shared her decision to leave Miracle, her friends were surprised but supportive. They understood Chris’s aspirations and stood by her decision, strengthening their bond.

The episode concluded with Chris setting off on her journey. As she bid goodbye to her friends and her hometown, the mixed feelings of sadness, joy, fear, and excitement were palpable.

Overall, this episode marked a significant transition in the series. It laid the foundation for new adventures and personal growth for Chris and promised exciting developments in future episodes.

The underlying themes of self-discovery, courage, friendship, and dreams effectively resonated with the audience, adding depth to the narrative. This episode was indeed a memorable part of Kizuna no Allele, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for Chris.

Ratings of the Show

Kizuna no Allele has received favorable ratings from viewers and critics alike. It boasts an IMDb rating of 5.5 out of 10 and a 5.46 rating on Myanimelist, indicating its commendable reception in the anime world.

Review of the Show

The series stands out for its unique storyline and the sincere portrayal of its characters’ journeys. While the anime primarily focuses on the aspiring virtual artists, it also explores complex themes of self-discovery, ambition, and friendship.

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The beautiful cinematography and heartwarming moments make it a memorable watch. However, the series could work on pacing and plot development, ensuring a more engaging viewing experience.

Where to Watch

The series is readily available for streaming on Crunchyroll, one of the premier platforms for anime. Crunchyroll offers the show in its original Japanese format and dubbed versions in various languages, catering to a global audience.


Kizuna no Allele is a welcome addition to the anime world. With its unique premise, engaging narrative, and relatable characters, the series promises to be a memorable journey for the viewers. As fans eagerly await the release of the tenth episode, the anticipation and excitement continue to build, solidifying the show’s place in the hearts of anime lovers. Here’s to more of the virtual artistry adventures that the show has in store!


How many episodes does Kizuna no Allele have in season 1?

The first season of Kizuna no Allele is expected to run for around 12 episodes.

When is Kizuna no Allele Episode 10 airing?

Episode 10 of “Kizuna no Allele” is set to be released on June 5, 2023.

Who are the main characters in Kizuna no Allele?

Some of the main characters in Kizuna no Allele include Noelle (voiced by Yuka Nukui), Miracle (voiced by Ayumi Hinohara), Chris (voiced by Hikari Kodama), and Kizuna AI (voiced by AI Kizuna).

Where can I watch Kizuna no Allele?

Kizuna no Allele is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The show is offered in its original format, and various language dubs are available.

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