La Chona in the Japanese version is a trend, Tucanes de Tijuana

La Chona in the Japanese version is a trend, Tucanes de Tijuana

One of the songs that has broken more boundaries so far, is Song From toucan tijuanaAnd the Shonanow performed in Japanesea new copy Which made it to social networks and which surprised everyone because the sound wasn’t too bad.

Some even considered her a genius, these guys are from the Japanese squad Maboroshi They gave their own style to a harmony composed in Mexico that was already danced in different countries.

So far, there are two versions, one entirely Japanese and the other in which they tried to sing in Spanish, of course with incorrect pronunciation, but my representatives j pop They did their best.

The funny video already has hundreds of thousands of views and many likes, it is growing more and more and being shared among users who have been waiting for this release, and the sensation has even become direction.

In addition, we can see that the artists were dancing to the beat of the folk song, enjoying that melody that is now entertainment international This showed that music has great power.

Los Tucanes de Tijuana certainly did not imagine their song would go so far, however, now that they did, they are practically making history.

The topic was written by Mario Quintero, the singer of the said band, and was written in just five minutes, thanks to the fact that some broadcasters asked him to do so when they were facing a similar situation.

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It was in 1995 when this song was finally born, which is now the anthem of the whole party and cannot be missed at meetings, a joy that even the Japanese noticed and wanted to adapt, and it is a complete success.

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