Real Madrid crushed Real Sociedad, gaining more than Sevilla, now thinking of a superficial fight against PSG

Real Madrid crushed Real Sociedad, gaining more than Sevilla, now thinking of a superficial fight against PSG


Real Madrid came from behind to score a huge victory over Real Sociedad at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Level table in Spain: Real Madrid gains the most

The Whites won 4-1 thanks to goals from Gemvinga, Modric, Benzema and Asencio. Wireball opened the scoring for the spectators with a penalty.

Real Madrid have scored 63 points, 8 (55) more than Sevilla, and are now contemplating a match against PSG for the 16th round of the Champions League. The first leg ended 1-0 in favor of Paris.

90 + 4 ‘Match ends: Real Madrid beat Real Sociedad to increase their lead in the Spanish league.

88 ‘ After the third goal, the game was over and Ancelotti entered for some regular players.

83 ‘ Another double change for Real Madrid: Lucas Vazquez and Mariano enter, Carvajal and Benzema leave.

81 ‘ Double change in Real Madrid: Cephalos and Marcelo enter, Modric and Vinicius leave.

80 ‘ Real Madrid are 8 points ahead of Sevilla in the standings. The white team did not fail in front of their fans.

78 ‘ Real Madrid’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL has just landed on the field and finished fourth. Asencio joined the party.

75 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Real Madrid, Karim Benzema did not apologize and converted 3-1 from the penalty spot. Make more profit than Sevilla.

60 ‘ Remiro stop. He takes a shot from Benzema on his chest. The Frenchman turned efficiently and took a shot when it appeared to be locked.

57 ‘ Yellow card to Saldua for disembarking from Cosmiro. Gil Manzano did not forgive him.

53 ‘ Fouled by Casmiro, he surprises the goalkeeper with a whip, but Remiro responds well with his fists.

52 ‘ REMIOOOO! Kareem Benzema’s shot from the edge of the box hidden by the Real Sociedad goalkeeper.

49 ‘ Now Real Sociedad is expecting a tie.

46 ‘ The second half begins, with Real Sociedad reporting two changes.

45 + 1 ‘ First Half ends, Real Madrid trailing 2-1 with Real Sociedad 4-1.


41 ‘ Goal against Real Madrid canceled! Benzema’s Minimum Offside After Motric Steals. We follow 1-10

39 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO, Camavinga from the outback tied it up. France won 1-1.

37 ‘ Real Madrid continue to try, but without punch performance. We continue to be 0-1.

35 ‘ Casimiro !!! Real Sociedad saves after Brazilian player Modric center. Le Norman saves fries for his team.

24 ‘ Real Madrid could not find a way to infiltrate the defense of Real Sociedad. Right, left, center try … nothing!

22 ‘ Gamwinga is an acceptable fit for scoring, but making the game a bit difficult. We continue to be 0-1.

Twenty ‘ Casimiro’s shot that goes high in Remiro’s frame, Real Sociedad well withdrawn and Madrid could not find anywhere.

16 ‘ Real Madrid won it, a win for Vinicius, he surrendered to Rodrigo, he did not shoot with his left foot, and when he settled, Real Sociedad stole the ball.

13 ‘ Real Madrid must be patient after Real Sociedad’s goal. The white team controls the ball.

10 ‘ Orezbal put the penalty well, but Cordois could not reach it no matter how long he stretched himself.

9 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Real Sociedad, Mikel Oyarzabal converted the penalty and raised the audience. Cordois is going to stop him.

8 ‘ Penalty for the truth! Carvajal humiliates David Silva and the referee marks him without hesitation.

6 ‘ Real Sociedad wants to get the ball and peace of mind, Emanol’s team is playing their own thing without any haste.

4 ‘ Vinicius was unable to finish the electric match between Rodrygo and Benzemas, the center was hot from the right, but did not finish with a Brazilian header.

Two ‘ Real Sociedad arrives in Bernabeu with the task of adding to the bitterness of Real Madrid’s afternoon and making it bitter.

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Start the party! Real Madrid know they will have a huge advantage in the race for the Spanish league title if they win.


The decisive phase of Lalika is coming Real Madrid The leadership is determined to finish the match and meet the new champion within 12 days.

This Saturday, the merengue faces a demanding fight against the team The real community At the Santiago Bernabeu. After the draw Seville In Vitoria, that Anchalotti They are looking for three new points to increase their advantage over the table before thinking about the match against the Champions League. PSG Next Wednesday.

Confirmed rows

Real Madrid: Cordois; Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendi; Motrick, Casemiro, Camawinka; Rodrigo, Vinicius and Benzema.

Real community: Alex Remiro; Zaldua, Pacheco, Le Normand, Gorosabel; Zubeldia, Merino, Illarramendi; Silva, Isaac, Oyersapal.

Table: 2:00 pm from Honduras.

Transmission method: Skysports.

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