You will be a UJAT Professor at the British Council’s “Science Educator” in the UK

You will be a UJAT Professor at the British Council’s “Science Educator” in the UK

Research Professor at the University of Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco (UJAT) , Dr. Hortensia Brito Vega, in the Mentors in Science, Second Generation programme, of the . Association British Councilan international organization for United kingdom for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

Agricultural Molecular Microbiologist attached to the Academic Department of Agricultural Sciences (Dhaka), that good mentorship has been shown to be a catalyst not only for improving research success, but also for the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups seeking high-quality educational programs with graduate degrees and certificates.

The teacher explained that in this edition, the British Council Offer 60 nationwide scholarships for researchers in four fields of knowledge, mathematics, physics and earth sciences; biology and chemistry; Biotechnology, Agricultural Science and Engineering, part of the National Scholars System.

It specified that the recognized professors would be trained as mentors and would provide them with tools that would allow them to mentor other young researchers in their careers and share good practices that would allow them to access leadership positions and fund their research projects.

represent UJAT In an international context, I feel happy and motivated to be a minority woman in the agricultural field, and also encouraged by my acceptance to take this three month training which consists of completing an online course. “Guiding and attending one hundred percent of the virtual workshops that will be provided as a complement to the online course.”

Among the advantages of receiving mentorship, Brito Vega noted that tools can be learned to develop a clear action plan for advancing a career as a researcher, receive feedback from a standardized researcher, and receive advice on funding and scholarship options.

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Likewise, they will know procedures and policies within institutions to advance professionally, receive advice for balancing teaching and research, as well as represent individual appreciation and encouragement.

In conclusion, teacher Dhakahe participated in that he is currently part of the academic body in the “Sustainable Tropical Agriculture” training for the Engineering Education Program in Agronomy, through which the “Centre for Innovation, Propagation and Conservation of Tropical and Aromatic Plants as a Sustainable Green Pharmacy” project, which was funded by the Professional Development Program for teachers.

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