Labor News: Khair Stormer Division Criticized by Paul Empire | UK | News

Labor News: Khair Stormer Division Criticized by Paul Empire |  UK |  News

Paul Embery, a former business officer and firefighter, argues that Labor has lost its traditional working class base and is now an increasingly “middle class” organization. In December 2019, Boris Johnson won a landslide victory in the general election by urging working class ‘red wall’ seats in the north of the UK and the Midlands to vote for the Conservatives.

Mr Empery said Labor should embrace patriotism and reject aggressive identity politics to regain their support.

Last month he published ‘Hate: Why the modern left hates the working class’.

Speaking to about today’s Labor Party, Mr Empery said: “This is a different mix of the liberal progressive centrist on the Blair axes and the far left with Corbyn’s election. Student element.

“I present it as an unpleasant combination [John] Lennon and Lenin.

“Lenin’s high liberalism in the 1960s and Lenin’s extreme left dictatorship.

“In fact from the old working class component perspective it was communist, very patriotic, very entrenched and interested in everyday issues that affected the people.

“Very few people in Labor represent that tradition, want to talk about those issues, and it is dominated by this extraordinary combination of the other two.”

Sir Khair Stormer replaced Jeremy Corbyn as Labor leader in April.

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“The problem for the last 20 years or so is that Hampstead has completely dominated the party. Hartlbull is now out. If that pendulum does not go the other way, Labor will not win the working class vote again.”

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Mr Empery argues that the left is increasingly focused on the middle class and is increasingly determined by culture and identity politics rather than fundamental economic issues.

The “middle class, liberal, graduate element” party “completely dominates”, resulting in “the working class element is now irrelevant to many people”.

Left-wing Brexiter explained: “As the left has become increasingly middle-class, those with a graduate background who live in our civilized cities are less concerned on a personal level and suffer from ordinary bread and butter problems.

“Jobs and wages and substandard housing.

“Things that are really important to working class people, the things that matter to them in their daily lives, often are not necessarily the priorities of middle class people and social activists on the left.

“They can engage in these middle class endeavors like identity politics because they are less vulnerable and I think it would go a long way to explain it.

“That is why I think many of the issues that the Left puts forward and centered nowadays are not issues that the working class people emphasize in their lives.”

Earlier this year, Mr Corbyn was suspended from Labor over his reaction to the release of the Equality and Human Rights Commission report on anti-Semitism within Labor.

He was later re-admitted to the party, but has yet to hold the Labor whip in the General Assembly.

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