Larry Harlow, the wonderful Jew, is dead

Larry Harlow, the wonderful Jew, is dead
Larry Harlow

Pianist and salsa singer Larry Harlow died this morning, his wife said on the artist’s official page on social media.

“I have reported with great pain to all the Salceros team in the world that after 32 days in hospital my beloved Larry died at 12:30 a.m. due to complications as a kidney patient that had weakened his already weakened heart,” said Maria del Carmen Harlow.

“I thank you for all the love and for the letters he received from all of you and that I was responsible for reading them to him in the hospital. I ask that you please give space for family and close friends to process our loss and we will give you more information about it later. Please do not contact me for interviews, my heart is broken.”

Larry Harlow

Harlow was born in 1939 in New York. Descendant of a Jewish family, the artist was known as the “Wonderful Jew”. For several years he had retired from music due to his health conditions.

In the Harlow Orchestra, he had distinguished performers such as Ishmael Miranda. He has had a close relationship with the eternal “beautiful boy” in salsa music since 1968 when Miranda joined his band. Miranda and Harlow made a successful combination in the salsa music genre. With the group, Larry created one of the greatest salsa works, the album Latin opera: Hommy. In addition, he was one of the founding members of Fania, who was in turn responsible for marketing the salsa brand to the world.

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In 1994, he and Ray Barreto founded the Latin Legends Orchestra, which featured Miranda, Adalberto Santiago, Junior Gonzalez, Alfredo de la Vie, Johnny Pacheco and Bobby Valentine, among others.

In May, the Panamanian singer Robin Blades It had been reported that Harlow had been hospitalized in New York.

“A friend of Larry Harlow is in poor health. His wife, Ma Del Carmen, informs us that he has been hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. We join our prayers and good wishes for his thousands of fans and hope he recovers fully and soon,” Blades said at the time. .

Maria del Carmen Harlow Kahn in her letter expressed: “Oh Amore, you are free once again to play your music in the heavenly orchestra. Thank you for the honor of accompanying you and your love until the end of your days. You will live forever in my heart and in the hearts of all those who love your music and your immense legacy, Fly High Jew.” The wonderful and rest in peace…».

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