Laura Pozzo’s enemies in Mexico: who are the celebrities who oppose the “poor’s lawyer”? | story | the truth | Certificate | EC Stories | TVMAS

Laura Pozzo’s enemies in Mexico: who are the celebrities who oppose the “poor’s lawyer”?  |  story |  the truth |  Certificate |  EC Stories |  TVMAS

TV presenter He left Peru to settle in Mexico. There he continued his programs. However, the so-called “lawyer for the poor” has also been involved in fights with other figures in the Mexican milieu, including Alfredo Adams and Laura Zapata.

Look: Laura Bozzo and the story of her departure from Peru and her arrival in Mexico, the country that could send her to prison

Problems with both characters arose from comments made via social networks or the television itself; Although it should be noted that they are not the only ones who hit the driver.

Alfredo Adam

Actor Alfredo Adams has been involved in scandals during his more than 30 years of experience in Mexican television. One of the fights he most remembers, and which continues to this day, is with Peruvian Laura Bozzo. One episode of this story happened in July last year when Adame was invited to the first program “Laura uncensored” on Televisa with Dr. Angel del Villar and model Carmen Campozano to talk about the bullying in social networks they experienced. . Producer Magda Rodriguez warned that he would withdraw from the group if Bozo offended him.

The problems started when Laura Pozzo introduced her guests since the actor How do “One of the people who attacked me the most, cursed me, defamed me, and demanded to get me out of Mexico, dear Alfredo Adami.The actor tried to respond, but the presenter avoided him.

Moments later, she asked him why he had assaulted her person. Adam responded that when he ran for mayor of Tlalpan two years ago, Laura Pozzo said she “disgusted” actors in politics.

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However, Laura Pozzo emphasized that on that occasion she did not refer to him, but to representatives in general who are seeking a position in politics. “You remember that words are like a bullet, once out of the barrel there is no returnAdam pointed out; She added that Laura was giving an ignorant opinion.

Laura Bozzo and Alfredo Adame on the Laura Sin Censura Show July 2020 (Photo: Capture Unicable)

The driver replied that he attacked all the women and accused him of being a misogynist. “That I hate women? I treat ladies as ladies, and treat others as they deserve. (…) I will ask you to be expelled from the country and I will also ask you to go to Santa Martha Acatetla (prison) for a few years at least. You are ignorant because you are giving opinions that you are not right about. (…) You disgust me because your picture is really disgusting, it makes me sickAlfredo Adami wrapped up and left the recording group.

Facing a recent protective custody order against Laura Pozzo for an alleged tax charge, the Mexican actor launched harsh terms against his “poor lawyer” and asserted that he “deserves” what is happening to him. “I don’t like it, but I admit she deserves it because she’s evil, she’s a gangster, she’s a bad person, she’s a rotten person, evil, she’s a dirty person, she’s a dirty personAlfredo Adams announced to Mexican media El Capitalino.

Also, the Mexican newspaper It was announced that Alfredo Adam would have been the one who accused Laura Pozzo before the SAT. In an interview with ‘Let it be Here!’ , he confirmed that he already knew what would happen to Laura Bozzo for six months, because someone had spoken to him on the phone to tell him about the illegal sale of the confiscated property of BozzoSat. With this information, contact the authorities.

When I have enemies I report to myself and look for them, investigate them and all that stuff. I already knew, I already submitted the notice 6 months ago, so all the authorities need to investigateAlfredo Adams noted.

Laura Zapata

The altercation between presenter Laura Bozzo and actress Laura Zapata began in 2015, when the singer’s sister, Thalia, complained to the host for speaking ill of her.

Via Twitter, the Mexican actress posted several comments against Laura Pozzo and asked her to leave Mexico. “And this cockatoo directed by Laura Bozzo keeps on talking bad about me, a leading Mexican actress who supports this irreplaceable #OutLauraBozzoDeMéxico”He tweeted on that occasion.

The 65-year-old actress also spoke about the remand that was dictated against the Peruvian. In this regard, she wrote on her Twitter account that she is pleased with the legal procedures that Laura Pozzo will have to face. “I am glad to know that divine justice speeds up justice in battered Mexico“, She said.

A few days later he added the following:How frightened the Peruvian who came to Mexico to become a millionaire Televisa opened the doors and gave her what he doesn’t give to Mexicans. Did they find her or did she run away?“.

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