“My partner left”: Belinda | Fatalism

“My partner left”: Belinda |  Fatalism

Mexico City: Belinda wrapped up the year in love with her boyfriend Christian Nodal and his entire family, at a magical dinner they held, but today the singer is having a terrible moment.

Through her Instagram account, the singer shared in her stories the unfortunate news of the death of one of her dog named Gizmo who was 13 years old.

The actress also shared a message in which she expressed her feelings of sadness and grief over the sad loss of her pet.

The greatest sadness, my little companion, Gizmo, my guardian angel, 13 years old together, I cannot express the pain that I feel in my heart, in my chest, I will never forget you, thank you for everything you have given me, in order to get rid of my loneliness, because you gave me love Without asking for anything in return, for being by my side unconditionally. I love you, baby, “the artist wrote.

In the videos Belinda shared, you can see the animal while the actress caresses him and enjoys her presence, which has already been in the family for several years.

In light of this news, more than 12 million followers of the “Angel” translator sent their condolences at the difficult moment for the Bergren family.

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