Think Ecuador

Think Ecuador

Yesterday, the Argentine women’s basketball team started its confrontation with the South American team in Via Mercedes, San Luis Province, with the two players from Venezuela. The meeting began at 8:30 pm in the Arena La Pedrera. Previously, through the same Zone A, Paraguay and Ecuador teams faced each other.

As part of South America in San Luis, Argentina will be part of the first group, which is the area that will take place in the Arena La Pedrera in Villa Mercedes. There he will compete against Venezuela (Monday, August 1), Ecuador (Tuesday, August 2) and Paraguay (Wednesday, August 3), trying to get into the top two in the group with the first goal: qualifying for the Copa America 2023 (there are four tickets at stake and you will get the first two of them). from each region).

As part of continuing work in St. Louis, there will be a day off and rest on Thursday, to resume work on Friday with the semi-finals and the last day on Saturday with the title decided.

The Albiceleste team, led by DT Gregorio Martínez, won the last continental competition, which was held in Tonga (Colombia) 2018. In definition, the Argentine team defeated the duo of Brazil, 65-64.

The 12 players selected by the coach are point guards Melissa Greiter (students from Madrid, Spain), Luciana Delabarba (Lanes) and Camila Suarez (Obras Sanitarias); Companions Milagros Mazza (Saint Josep, Spain) and Agustina Garcia (Felix Perez, Paraguay).

Strikers: Andrea Boquete (Universitario Ferrol, Spain), Giulietta Mungo (Universitario Ferrol, Spain) and Candela Gentineta (Pirazategui). Strong forwards Agustina Borani (Arasco, Spain) and Victoria Llorente (Zamarat, Spain) as well as trainees Diana Cabrera (Urdoy, Spain) and Celia Fiorotto (Beacon Claret, Spain).

In Group B, which will be played at Ave Fénix, in the town of Juana Koslay, near the regional capital, the opening day matches were played with crosses by Chile-Uruguay and Brazil-Colombia.

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