Long lines at gas stations in South Florida due to fuel shortages – NBC Miami (51)

Long lines at gas stations in South Florida due to fuel shortages – NBC Miami (51)

On a tour of Miami-Dade and Broward counties, you can see two situations right now: gas stations that have fuel but long lines, and others that have been out of gas for days.

It was a rough weekend for drivers in South Florida as gas supplies were affected by bad weather last week. Severe flooding prevented regular fuel deliveries to stations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Daniel Herrera was one of many who had to make a long journey in search of petrol, but their journey was not successful. “I’m worried because if I don’t get petrol, how am I going to get home … I can’t take the car to that person,” said the man, who says he visited four petrol stations, nervously, “I want to inform people not to jump on the street knowing that you won’t see petrol.

The manager of a gas station on West 49th Street in Hialeah said he doesn’t know when fuel will arrive, noting that all stations at his gas station are out of service.

“We don’t know when yet Distributions Gas, they still haven’t given us an explanation. “We turn off the engines because there’s no gasoline,” explains Daniela Serta, who works at a Mobil gas station that has been out of supply since Friday.

“They’re coming to consume both gasoline and store products, so sales are down a lot,” says Daniela Serta, who works at a Mobil gas station.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine-Cava addressed the situation by saying, “We are working closely with our state and federal partners to ensure the rapid delivery of gas to local stations.”

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However, affected motorists continue to fear that the shortage could turn into a crisis.

“I’m running out of petrol…we’ll see if the petrol rains and stops the rain,” joked Daniel Herrera, one of the drivers affected by the fuel shortage.

Many Miami gas stations do not have a date for receiving fuel, which is strange to some.

Officials – for their part – assured the public to be patient and not rush to the pumps because there is enough fuel at the port and on ships arriving at sea to South Florida, so the distribution will be done very soon. .

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