Lubio Rivera suggested Gisele Soto with a dollar ring!

Lubio Rivera suggested Gisele Soto with a dollar ring!

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Lobelo Rivera He gave something to talk about again, but this time it wasn’t about the controversy over his relationship with Belinda and the tattoos he had on her face, but about the ring he was going to give her. Giselle Soto When he offered it to her, she was the one who admitted it was a dollar.

with commitment Christian Nodal y Belinda It was revealed that Lupillo Rivera also asked his then-girlfriend even though he came to his defense and confirmed that it could have been earlier when he decided to commit with the businesswoman without knowing more about the star couple at the moment.

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she was Giselle Soto The one who gave an interview to “Hoy Día” revealed that during funeral From his father, in May of this year, that the so-called “Bull of the corridorHe approached the young woman’s mother to ask her permission to marry her daughter and at that moment gave her one dollar ring.

Giselle Soto pointed this out later Lobelo Rivera She told him that during the funeral she asked one of her aunts for a dollar bill, so that she could shape it into an engagement ring and give it to her at that moment: “If this woman accepts a dollar ring, it is the occasion.”

Lobelo Rivera and his wife Gisele Soto. Photo: Instagram @gorgizz

Soto said he met the singer during covid-19 pandemicHe was the one who called her on Instagram and when they finally met they fell in love instantly, in that moment Lobelo Rivera He told her that he would marry her one day.

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Hint for Belinda?

The phrase that Gisele Soto mentioned during the interview, and that it would have been a “test” upon receiving the engagement ring, made fans remember the controversial statements of Lubio Rivera’s mother against Belinda.

The Rivera family’s mothers confirmed in an interview that Belinda was a woman who “only loved money” and that she celebrated the fact that her son removed the tattoo he had from the “Angel” singer, and also said that they were happy their relationship ended.

“Of course they were, nothing more than that people didn’t believe it, nor the media how they would have believed I was with her. Well, I told Lupe ‘Look at that woman you like money son’ and she replied ‘Well no way, I don’t have that.’ “But they walked, and they were spending their time there, and they gave each other their taste buds and okay, he says. Nobody really takes the jig, not even to be born again,” said Dona Rosa Saavedra.

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