Lucrezia discovers Lucia and Evan’s love affair

Lucrezia discovers Lucia and Evan’s love affair

And Lucrezia (Mabel Moreno) He had some doubt about the decision he had made when he broke up with Ivan Vallejo, and life today showed him that he was overdue in taking care of him. “Sixth Sense” and all those times he happened to tell him that he shouldn’t be with him.

Lucrecia went to her old house, where she lived with him Evan (Diego Cadavid), to request correspondence; However, deep down he intended to visit his former partner, What was not expected was that the guard would alert her with the information.

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And it turns out that the man told him that he should announce it, because he was not alone in the place, and that He was with his sister-in-law (Lucia).

For her part, Lucrezia could not believe what she was hearing and more so because she did not trust Evan at the time, But not from her great friend Lucia (Carmen Villalobos), with whom he was friends for many years.

The scene was surprising to Lucrecia, Well, she entered the house and saw her friend and ex-husband hugging And enjoy the good time they are having.

Lucia tried to explain to Lucrezia, but She insisted that this does not happen with anyone especially when you know everything you live with Evan.

Lucia also said that she did all this because she feels lonelyHe justified his mistake by the decisions made by the Vallejo family, a situation that troubled Lucrezia the most.

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