Luis Palma admits why he celebrates like Carlos Pavon and reveals the advice he received from David Suazo: “I was a bit nervous”

Luis Palma admits why he celebrates like Carlos Pavon and reveals the advice he received from David Suazo: “I was a bit nervous”


Honduras She achieved her first victory in the new era Reynaldo Rueda After registration 4-0 to Granada For the second day of CONCACAF Nations League.

Luis Palmaconsidered the best Catracho Corps player today, scored one of the goals and celebrated it Carlos Pavon.

The mixed zone football player admitted that he did it that way because “Flying Shadow” It is one of his greatest references, and his idol David Suazo

Palma revealed that “King David He advised him not to lose his temper and that his target would come at any moment, and so it was.

“In the first minutes I was a little uncomfortable, David Suazo He told me to be calm and that the ball would come to me. I learn from my mistakes and I know that I failed at them Jamaica“.

And I add: “The goal celebration was for Carlos PavonHe and “King” David are eternal idols.”

-Other phrases from Palma at the conference-

What feelings did the game leave you with?

He added: “Praise be to God for the victory, which demonstrated the good performance we presented, which helped us a lot to win.”

How did you feel at the beginning against Jamaica and Granada?

“I thank the professors for the trust they gave me to start as a beginner. I hope to continue improving and growing, and I am very happy about this opportunity.”

He tried a lot on goal to find that goal.

“Yes, the confidence they give me makes me look for my strongest playing style. I tried a lot, but it didn’t work. Naturally, other teammates took advantage of the opportunities they had and achieved things.

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Did you ask for punishment?

“Yes, the three of us who were there (along with Chokwu and Alex) were taking the penalties and I told them I wanted the penalty to gain confidence in the national team. It is my first goal and now I hope more will come.” “.

How did Choco Lozano react?

“Just as he needed the goal, I needed him too. “He was understanding, he gave me the ball and he can score.”

Did he unload this goal on you?

“Yes, personally when I arrived at Miami I saw a lot of press that focused on me. Now that I am at Celtic I have to learn a lot and contribute to the national team. This victory opens the way for us.”

Does this put pressure on you like Choco Lozano?

“Always, I believe that when you are abroad, you have to make a difference. When I come to the national team I try to contribute everything I can and I hope to God that I continue to improve.

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