Madresfera Space: Social Networks and Their Impact on Eating Disorders

Madresfera Space: Social Networks and Their Impact on Eating Disorders

the last Mothersphere space general here. Taking advantage of the fact that we recently celebrated World Mental Health Day, we want to delve into an issue that worries families and professionals: eating disorders or eating disorders and their (very complex) relationship with social networks.

Much has been written and talked about about the risks inherent in networks to the mental health of young people, and in particular, how they can influence, fuel or exacerbate certain disorders in vital moments such as childhood or adolescence: the influence of Instagram, and more or less strict messaging about food, filters, likes …

But we also know that the Internet is full of resources and professionals who are fighting every day to create communities, to support and demonstrate the needs and shortcomings that may be behind these ATTs, outside the social network itself, such as the portal Eat the world of TCA, a project that moves and makes sense also thanks to the networks..

So where do we agree? Are ED networks to blame today, or are they allies in promoting healthy habits and taking care of our mental health, especially the health of our daughters and sons?

We’ll talk about this exciting dilemma with our proud guests, the psychologists Mamin Bueno And Manuel Antolin, in a live program presented by Monica de la Fuente And Jose David Delboyo You can follow it through the broadcast here.

Plus, like all Espacio Madresfera, we have content for the whole family and little ones will enjoy recording an educational workshop episode.

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To attend, you can Book your free entry in this post. Don’t forget to check out the new access rules. It will allow access until full capacity is reached.

This event will be translated into LSE, and can be followed at flow On our website and in networks that contain the hashtag #SpaceMadresphere. Later, it can be enjoyed in our website Media Library as well as how audio notation on the major platforms.

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