Magu Aguilar refuses to go on tour with Leonardo, Angela and Baby Aguilar for this strong reason

Magu Aguilar refuses to go on tour with Leonardo, Angela and Baby Aguilar for this strong reason

Magu Aguilar, cBefore the Mexican regional genre, he confessed to Adela Mija that he’d like to go on tour with him Baby Aguilar and his cousins, Leonardo and Angela AguilarAnd Where I spoke with him, he is open to the team; However, he refused to join the ranks of the “Fear” performer for a strong reason.

The 27-year-old explained that before engaging on tour with Aguilar-Álvarezes, she first wants to make herself known and be positioned as a soloist in the Mexican regional genre and thus be able to earn a place

“For talent and a love of music, he can definitely exist (in the genre),” Aguilar said.

In this regard, translator topics such as “I won’t cry” or “I’m fineHe confirmed that after only four years of his artistic life, he wants to develop himself as a singer and reach with his uncle, baby Aguilar And that he is assessing whether she is ready to integrate with him and his family in the tours he organizes in Mexico and the United States.

From pop and cumbia to regional Mexican music

In an interview with me, Adela told me through the Heraldo Media Group reference, granddaughterE Fleur Sylvester and Don Antonio AguilarShe pointed out that she accidentally didn’t get into the whole ranch genre like her grandparents did, and why she didn’t want people to say she did because her whole family does too.

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However, the daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr. also asserted that she loves all musical genres, but to explain it, the ranchera music “is the one that comes out best for her”.

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She confirmed that there were also other issues that made her try a genre other than music, but she finally realized that she doesn’t need a musical genre to hear her voice.

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