I give up education and health, the slogans most talked about by workers – Diario La Tribuna

I give up education and health, the slogans most talked about by workers – Diario La Tribuna

Caring for teachers, doctors and pensioners, as well as protecting the forest, the high cost of electricity, the basic basket, the lack of water and against political welfare, were part of the slogans launched this Sunday in Tegucigalpa, about international workers. ‘ day.

Most of the complaints were related to a lack of respect for employees in the health field who, among many other cases, were owed several months’ salary.

Meanwhile, a large group of teachers from the Honduran Community Education Program (Proheco) denounced that they had more than four months without canceling their salaries, so they demanded that the government approach the issue of national education more responsibly.

Environmental destruction and impunity in the justice system were other complaints during the protests.

The degradation of ecosystems and national forests has been part of the demands of the indigenous communities, who asserted that if the forest heritage and biodiversity were not taken care of, Honduras would lose most of its protected reserves.

Unionists also celebrated the repeal of the Zones of Work and Economic Development (ZEDE) and Hourly Work Act, as well as a moratorium on open-pit mining, as one of the first measures taken by Congress. National and Presidential House of Representatives.

On the other hand, the bases of Hizb ut Tahrir and Restitution (Libre) took the opportunity to interact with their leaders, because many factions feel excluded from the various founding programs in government institutions during the inauguration of the new government.

Proheco teachers have denounced that they have not paid their salaries for more than four months.

Other citizens took the opportunity to send a message to the authorities of the General Secretariat of Security, as incidents of extortion and crimes such as armed robbery and theft, among other illegal activities, recorded a slight increase during the first quarter of 2022.

Organized sectors also emphasized the equitable integration of women into various government fields.

Recruitment in bases that had been in conflict for 12 years required some Libre groups.

shouts and demands
– “Answer to answer”
– “Health and Education for the People”
– “Stop deforestation”
– “Recruitment and payment of teachers and doctors”
– “The right water for everyone”
– “The representatives are legislating, not negotiating.”
– “Decent salary for workers”
Legislation to ensure informal work
– ‘Stop the overexploitation’

A decent retirement was part of the popular demands on Labor Day.

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