Manchester United may need to change Paul Pogba’s tactics against AC Milan – Samuel Lockhurst

Manchester United may need to change Paul Pogba’s tactics against AC Milan – Samuel Lockhurst

Pogba off the bench?

The last time United Been eliminated from European Competition Paul Pogba He started off the bench, stepped in and almost inspired an unexpected rebound against RB Leipzig.

When Pogba returned from two important layoffs at Watford and Tottenham last season, he was a substitute and left both pitches as United’s most influential player.

Pogba has not played in 40 days due to a thigh injury and the start at Milan seems unlikely, however United will start the match at a disadvantage due to Simone Kier’s away goal and has been worse without Pogba in the past six weeks. Pogba’s participation is, in a sense, inevitable.

De Gea or Henderson?

Given that the FA Cup and European League were competitions reserved for Dean Henderson, there could be potential differences if he is excluded from any of the matches this week. David de Gea resumed training at the start of the week and gifted Henderson’s mistake a long-distance goal to Milan at Old Trafford.

However, Henderson also maintained three clean sheets from four matches in De Gea’s absence, and the Spaniard was responsible for Justin Kluivert’s knockout goal in the UEFA Champions League group stage. De Gea can refer to Hakim Ziyech’s denial in his last appearance as a compelling case of reminder.

What have you kept?

United are noticeably worse when Luke Shaw does not play with them, and the biggest impact Alex Tillis made was to provoke Shaw.

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Teles has started in the previous three European League encounters but United need to continue the attack in San Siro and Shaw is a better striker than some of their attackers.

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Charm of the attacker

There was frustration at United over Cavani’s unwillingness to appear in recent matches when the medical staff allowed him to play. However, we are all united Endorsed the Manchester Evening News story By including Cavani in their travel squad, then deleting it. Solskjaer claimed that Cavani “did not feel ready to travel,” suggesting that it was Uruguay’s invitation.

The absence of Martial and Cavani leaves United without a dedicated striker. Mason Greenwood threatened against West Ham, hit the post twice, and pitted him against him Catenaccio Pupils in the game United must score is difficult for a striker who has played most of the football from the right flank.

Greenwood scored only four goals throughout the season and the most recent was in January.

Lindelof and Maguire to build on positive performance?

Mikhail Antonio was an unforgettable warm-up for Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire ahead of a possible match with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For a defender who doesn’t usually enjoy physical duels, Lindelof treated Antonio impressively and enjoyed his best performance this season at Manchester City.

The clean nets against David Moyes’ West Ham are no cause for celebration and Maguire’s performance has been overestimated by some. Most importantly, he excelled at Al Ittihad and had not had much better matches with United than he had in their 2–0 win over City.

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