Perfumeras Avenida in Santiago de Cosombostela opens the largest commercial space in its network

Perfumeras Avenida in Santiago de Cosombostela opens the largest commercial space in its network

Spanish series Perfumerías Avenida launched its first opening this year, While expanding and reforming the ancient Neobel space in Santiago de Compostela (Republic of El Salvador 27) to make it the largest opening.

The new facility in Santiago de Compostela is a commercial space from One factory, at street level, is brand new with a selling room of 1100 sq.m. The Recio Group and Perfumerías Avenida in this new commercial space integrate the implementation and pathway of their brand Neobel in Santiago and Galicia, with the guarantee and canopy provided by Perfumerías Avenida, their flagship brand.

The largest commercial space in the Perfumerías Avenida network will provide the customer with modern space and provide an ideal shopping experience. To this end, Perfumerías Avenida has implemented the standards that it has applied to its spaces in recent years of expansion and modernization: greater capacity, more luster, environmental efficiency and different spaces dedicated to specific products, in particular highlighting its vast area of ​​pharmacy attended by professionals.

This new institution is also highlighting Commercial site Because República El Salvador is the nerve center of the new city of Santiago and its most prominent commercial district, with a large number of businesses from various sectors and leading brands concentrated in Spain. Located only 50 meters from Compostela’s Red Square and underground parking, this commercial space is a symbolic and prominent point of the city.

Avenida perfumes in Galicia

Perfumerías Avenida currently owns 37 properties in Galicia, With a commercial presence in all provincial capitals. Galicia is one of the independent communities with commercial space managed by the Salamanca Group and a historical reference for their distribution.

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On the other hand, the sign highlights that “in just five months, the Recio Group has launched the two largest Avenida perfume stores in Spain; one in Santiago de Compostela and the other in Ferrol with five floors and 800 square meters of sales space.”

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