Live broadcast: Motagua defeats Real Sociedad with a goal from “Moma” Fernandez to the horror of the goalkeeper! – ten

Live broadcast: Motagua defeats Real Sociedad with a goal from “Moma” Fernandez to the horror of the goalkeeper!  – ten

The end of the first half!

45th minute: An additional minute adds the referee to the first half.

44th minute: Yellow Card for Walter Martinez de Motagua.

42nd minute: Rooney Martinez took a bad free kick by smashing it in the hurdle.

The 36th minuteSkewed shot by Walter Martinez de Motagua.

35th minuteReal Sociedad settled better on the field and no longer allowed to chase Motagua, even though the game was dominated by the Eagles.

28th minute: Great play for ‘Muma’ Fernández when he cleared his mark and reached baseline through the right sector, but his position remained in the hand of the oil keeper.

25th minute: Come on! Real Sociedad approached a dangerous game and ended the play with a shot by Ronnie Martinez, but the match was canceled due to offside.

18th minuteMotagua is improving a lot in the match and is constantly looking for the second goal.

12th minute: GOOOOL OF MOTAGUA! Carlos ‘Muma’ Fernández put the Águilas to victory with a powerful left-footed shot but with the complicity of Real Sociedad’s goalkeeper who couldn’t refuse the ball and went under his hands.

Minute 9: he had! Walter Martinez put on a great solo show, entering the Real Sociedad area but couldn’t help with the last pass to find a partner.

Roberto Moreira had to score on the scoreboard but couldn’t decide before leaving the goalkeeper. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Minute 4: UFF! Once again Motagua almost scored the first goal of the match through Roberto Moreira, the striker was empowered and before the opposing goalkeeper left, he finished on the left flank but bounced off the goal and hit a corner.

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Minute 1: Near Motagua from the first goal after a break from “Moma” Fernandez on the right, he sent a cross that could not be eliminated when Juan Pablo Montes arrived.

The game has started!

4:15 p.m.: Motagua offers a change in the squad that defeated Marathon, with the inclusion of young Fabricio Galindo in place of Marcelo Pereira.

4:00 pm: Teams arrived early in the national stadium according to biosecurity protocols.


Motagua: 19. Jonathan Roger; 12. Marcelo Santos, 2. Juan Pablo Montes, 33. Fabricio Galindo; 29. Carlos Fernandez, 24. Omar Elver, 23. Juan Delgado, 8. Walter Martinez, 10. Matthias Galvalles; 9. Gonzalo Closiner, 21. Roberto Moreira. DT: Diego Vasquez.

Alternates: 25. Marlon Lacona, 3. Elmer Goetti, 7. Evan Lopez, 11. Marco Tullio Vega, 16. Hector Castellanos, 18. Diego Rodriguez, 22. Jesse Moncada, 26. José Villafranca, 27. Oscar Garcia, 34. Kevin Lopez, 45. Ariel Flores, 47. O. Gonzalez, Diego Vasquez.

Real community: 27. Juan Pablo Dominguez; 35. Year Gutierrez, 21. Minor Antonis, 16. Brianner Bonilla, 4. Ricky Zapata; 19. Danilo Tobías, 20. Jorge Claros, 13. José Canelas, 28. Brayan Rivera; 9. Michael Reyes, 11. Ronnie Martinez. DT: Carlos Tabura.

Alternates: 2. Deyron Martínez, 3. Robbie Matute, 6. Kenneth Hernández, 7. Kendrick Carcamo, 12. Clinton Arz, 14. Christian Altamirano, 17. Osman Melgares, 23. Jonathan Corzo, 26. Christian Martínez, 29. Wilson Urbina , 33. Danni Mejía, 34. Norman Gaboriell.

Stadium: National.

Rule: Melvin Matamoros.

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